Taekwondo in 18th Asian Games invitation tournament

invitation tournament 18th asian games

As a music photographer, action shoot is a thrilling moment for me. If i can capture that split second moment in a perfect photo it will be a breaking moment for me. Another photography genre that need a great concentration and precision is sports photography, it’s a little bit different from music photography but the goal is same which is try to capture the peak moment in a split seconds.

This is my first time photographing sports, and to be honest i really liked it. In february, me and my team was hired by CV. Rahmat to cover their production in Tae kwon do of the 18th Asian Games Invitation Tournament held in Jakarta International Expo (JIEXPO). This is also the first time i covered an international event, even though we are not the official photographer or a journalist but it’s a great experience.

By the way this is my first blog post since i re-launch my website. I really hope to write more about my photography journey here in the future.

Here goes the photo i took from the event.

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